Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eastside's Green Teens planting food to eat in March

So when does it become rude to get reacquainted with blog followers after not posting in for-like-ever?  Will y'all take me back? Teaching obvs prevented me from dutifully posting regularly, but now I co-sponsor a club and the kids are ridic awesome and they let me take their pics for your long-awaited update!

I do love my new career home.  And I do so love the Green Teens, a collaboration of the ACE after school program and Keep Austin Beautiful.

So what have we done so far?
Eastside awesomeness. We planted seeds of kale, endive, lettuce, beets (labelled beef? I suspect the sharpie mark over the "t" was done post-distribution ), and kale again.

Cauliflower and Swiss chard and if we plant a guitar will music grow?

Compost bins bring smiles.
The seeds were provided by the Sustainable Food Center's Grow Local program.We hope to make them proud come harvest time.  The harvest goes home to Green Teen dinner plates.  Or breakfast plates.  Or no plates, just their hands ;-)

Hope all is well with you in interwebs-land.  HUGS.