Why is this blog?

Earth Science is awesome.  I can't help but study it. I have a few Geology-Environmental Science-Hydrology degrees and am a soil science student. 
"Mmmmmmmmm. Matric potential."
Here is a pic of me, teaching my favorite subject,
the hydrologic difference between sand, silt, and clay.
Photo Credit: Kristy Reeves of American Youthworks
This blog covers science education from the perspective of my eyeballs, hands, ears, and nose.  Maybe taste sometimes too.  For the most part, that means science in my backyard.  I want to share with you how amazing stuff, worthy of learning about, is all around us.  Sniff! 

I also intend for this blog to be a learning resource for grade school students and teachers, so I try to relate some posts to the High School Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.

Got questions? Drop me a line or comment on a post!  Thanks!
Don't worry, that soil is just about to be covered with mulch.