Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bad Mother Earth Daughter

Ooooh, I've been a bad Mother Earth Daughter!  Please Mom, allow me to apologize! But first, let us look at what seems to be the new theme of my blog: illegal yet agronomic art.  Let us pause to say
Dearest vandals and/or artists,
I do not support your allegedly illegal acts, oh no! I do however, like your topics of interest.  Please pursue them constructively.  Mayhaps my Introduction to Environmental Science class at ACC would interest you next semester.  You may learn that there are VOCs in them thar spray paints, and there are health risks involved in exposing yourself to them, and then perhaps you would choose to use milk-based paints. Legally.  Heh.
 Thank you.  
Love, TheDirtOnSoil
PS Sorry for the commersh milk link, I'm not getting paid to link to it.  But you and Martha Stewart do have something in common!!! And it is a recipe, so- Awesome!
You see? It is hard not to admire the topic.

Back to why I am not on Mother Earth's Good List right now:
The basil seeds will replant themselves, no problem! 
  1. I am on a compost break.
  2. My pet soldier flies disappeared (I think I can blame the cold, at least in part. But you know the whole not-giving-them-food thing has got to be causing problems.).
  3. I haven't been prosthelytizing about soil to my full potential: educational blog post frequency = decreasing.
  4. My garden... you know, has been neglected.
Maybe a few minutes of your time, Amanda?
Yet there is hope for me, fellow souls.  There is yet hope.  For example,
  1. Prosthelytizing will increase next week when I start tutoring science to high school kids and professoring environmental science to college kids.  
  2. Also, I did take the Soil Science licensing exam.  I didn't say I passed it. That is to be determined.  
  3. I've been planning an awesome post *since September cough cough cough* on how urine is chemically transformed to plant food (AKA nitrate) by bacteria.  You didn't think it happened all by itself did you?  It might be free fertilizer to us, but those nitrosomonas and nitrobacter gotta work for their money.  So you know, please keep the faith and stay tuned.
Wait, what is my point?  Oh that is right, I didn't have one.  Blogging is fun!! 
Thank you Parsley, for not making it look so bad.  You look great.  Keep it up.

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