Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update: Buried Seeds Turn Into Plants!

Hello, everyone!  Long time no read and write!  I've missed you.  Lots of things have happened since we last e-spoke, but not much soil-oriented stuff.  Let's catch up?

Last year on October 31rst, 2010, many of us celebrated The Halloween.  Many of us bought, if not grew, a pumpkin.  I bet you even composted it!  My readers are so responsible.  And then there is yours truly, a different kind of responsible...I thought I'd keep my uncut pumpkin as front door decoration until it started to spoil.  Almost 5 months pass by and the loyal little pumpkin, exposed to the ATX elements, gets passed by us every day as we walk through our house entrance.  Enter MARCH 2011! The little pumpkin that could, gave up.  Ew.  Stinky.

Lazy, I contract my son to help me chop up the gooey mess and bury it in place.  Cuz, like, the compost bin is ALL THE WAY around my house, IN THE BACKYARD, so far away!!!!

And then...a week later.  A little biology reminder.

I feel like I'm at the very beginning of the Neolithic Revolution.
What I find most fun about this li'l situation, is that it is as if the pumpkin knew when to rot- it is the beginning (and almost the end) of pumpkin planting season in Travis County!

In other news, my son thanked me the other day, out of the blue.
I said, "For what?"
"For trees," he said.
I guess he was talking to his other mom (ahem, Mother Nature).


  1. I will be over to shop for my pumpkin around October 29th.

  2. OK! I will save one (or 4?) for you. Locally grown! Thanks the for the visit XOXO