Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In Honor of Soilduck

In honor and congratulations of SoilDuck's awesome new job (!!!) (What is it again SoiDuck? Where?), I am sharing a few fungi pics.  I took them on my vacation to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, my yearly summer mecca.

SoilDuck really likes fungi.  I don't know much about my vacation photo subjects, except that they are decomposers, of course.  And that they are located in an area that receives an average of 40-50 inches of rain per year.  Compare that ATX's measly-peasly 30-35 inches (No, I'm not mad we're living during an exceptional drought.  Yes, I am.).

By the way, don't forget that decomposition in general increases with increasing temperature and water.  Whooh!  On to celebrating SoilDuck...

Looking good in the forest.
Near Muddy Creek Falls at the Park.
Look: moss, fungi and lichen in one pic!
Which is- Plant kingdom (moss), Fungi kingdom, and symbiosis between the two kingdoms (lichen)!
Close-up of emerging 'shroom from the 2nd pic (above).
Close-up of the other one from the 2nd pic (above).
What's this?  I don't know.
Forest floor again.
Close-up of it's gills, or lamella.
Congratulations, Professor SoilDuck!  Go forth and inspire them with your knowledge and enthusiasm!

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  1. Nice images, my kids loved seeing these images which provides educational informational to them. Thanks.