Friday, March 12, 2010

Compost teaser

Indeed, my compost smells like roses.
A commenter recently asked how to get started on compost.  I haven't gathered all the necessary information yet, but I wanted to give you a quick factoid to get you interested. The time that it takes to transform your compost into usable nutrients for your plants can vary from days to years, depending on environmental conditions and contents of your compost.  The fastest way to get nutritive use from your compost  (there are other uses!) is to create the following conditions:

  • temperatures between 77 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (25-35 degrees Celsius),
  • a pH close to neutral,
  • good soil moisture(within your volume of soil, about 60% of the void space is filled with water instead of air), AND
  • good aeration (reference).

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