Friday, March 5, 2010

Gardening on the Limestone rock land-Lozier association

A friend of mine lives on this soil association. What type of soil is this? It is pretty much just solid rock! My favorite quotation about this soil, from the archived El Paso County soil survey is this:

These very shallow soils have a surface layer of pinkish-gray, calcareous, moderately alkaline stony loam that is about 5 inches thick over limestone. All of this association is used as rangeland or for wildlife or recreation. Hueco Tanks Park, a recreational and historic site, is on the association.

I can't find the soil genetic line right now (a.k.a. it's proper name starting at the order level)

My first thoughts: There is no soil to garden here. Anyone trying to improve the soil for gardening is in it for the long-term ;-) So to grow any non-native plants, you'd essentially be container gardening. Bring in yer soil;  maintain moisture content with compost/organic matter; strategic water supply; protect with shade; use that humanure you bragged about.

What will your humanure do to this soil if incorporated long-term? Will its acidity help breakdown that limestone rock?  Hmmm....

Any other suggestions, other than head on over to the grocery store?


  1. You mentioned compost. What would be the essentials to get started?

  2. Let me get back to you. I'm knee deep in soil organisms right now (for my class, not in real life!).